Total Home Lighting

Total Home Lighting

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There is nothing that gives a room a more distinctive touch than the lighting you use.  When you want one room to be stunning and another room to be calm and relaxing, you may want to consider total home lighting.  Home Media Solutions has the experience you need to get the lighting right for each room in your home.  When you are thinking about lighting options it is important to take certain things into consideration.

Total Home Lighting


Total Home LightingKnowing what you will be doing in each room is critical to determining the correct amount and type of lighting you want installed for that room.  For instance, you may want a brighter light in the kitchen and less intense light in the study.  Some rooms that are multi-functional may need variable light that can change with the activity.


Your lighting choices will affect the mood of each room.  Bright lights tend to give an upbeat or active feel to a room while dim or ambient light provides a more intimate mood.  The lighting fixtures ought to reflect the mood of the room so that you do not have discord.

Design Elements

When you are considering total home lighting, you want the fixtures you select and the type of light to harmonize with the design elements that are already in place in the home.  You may have areas that you want highlighted to maximize interest.  Lighting should never be an afterthought to design.

Lighting Options Include:

  • Total Home LightingCeiling lights
  • Overhead lighting
  • Wall lights
  • Under-cabinet lights
  • Fluorescent strip lighting
  • Pendant lights
  • Recessed or can lights
  • Bathroom wall strip lights
  • Outdoor on-house lights
  • Outdoor in-yard lights

Service and Selection

Home Media Solutions connects you to a large selection of home lighting options.  We can help you choose what you need based on the layout of your home and your individual needs.  We can also integrate your home lighting with your home automation system so that you can turn any light in any room on or off at the touch of a button.

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