Whole Home Automation

Whole Home Automation

The home of the future is often depicted with a single control unit that can turn the lights on and off, lock and unlock the doors, open or shut the blinds, start the coffeemaker and turn on the TV all at the flick of a switch.  Because of advances in home automation technology, the future is now.  Home Media Solutions is a leader in whole home automation.  We offer a truly universal control that will interface with multiple systems such as music, cameras, HVAC system, security, intercom and lights.

Specialized ProgrammingWhole Home Automation

The true key to whole home automation is specialized programming.  Practically anything can become automated if it can be programmed.  Smart programming includes levels of programming that allow certain actions to be triggered from other actions.  For instance, if you send a message that you will be home in five minutes, you want your exterior lights to go on, your garage door to open, and specific interior lights to be on.  As another option you could program a specific light setting to be triggered in response to your music being turned on.  The combinations are only limited by the imagination.

Whole Home AutomationSystem Integration

At Home Media Solutions we understand that you want all your systems to work together with the control, whether it is a specialized control or simply your iPad.  Your automation system can be completely designed with your needs in mind.  You can determine the systems you want included and those you don’t.  You also want each system to be able to work independently when you want them to.

Simple Controls

While you may be excited at the prospect of whole home automation, the last thing you want is a bulky, counter-intuitive control panel.  Home Media Solutions understands this and gives you simple and user friendly controls with most functions being controlled by a single touch.  You may also want to be able to check in on your systems remotely.  Whatever your needs are, we have the solutions.

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