Custom Home Theater
& Home Automation

Home Theatre

Home Theater

Whether or not it is a Dedicated Theater or a Family Room surround sound system we will get you a great system that is easy to use. 

Home Automation

Home Automation

You can control you entire home on your smartphone or even Alexa. Home Audio, Surround Sound, Thermostats, Lights and Pool control all go in one app. Then we can program scenes that will control all with just one button press. 

Home Audio

Home Audio

You can play music in your entire home easy as saying “Alexa turn on house music”. We also use Sonos for house music as well

Home Lighting

Home Lighting

We are Lutron Homeworks and Lutron Full Line Shade Certified. We will design, sell and install Lighting control and automated shades. 

Amazon Speakers

Welcome to the
future smart home

“Alexa turn on the kitchen Lights”

The home of the future is often depicted with a single control unit that can turn the lights on and off, lock and unlock the doors, open or shut the blinds, start the coffeemaker and turn on the TV all at the flick of a switch. Because of advances in home automation technology, the future is now. Home Media Solutions is a leader in whole home automation. We offer a truly universal control that will interface with multiple systems such as music, cameras, HVAC system, security, intercom and lights.

  • Specialized Programming
  • System Integration
  • Simple Controls

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At Home Media Solutions we don’t just install TV’s… We help you choose the right entertainment system for the whole house!

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