New Technology

New Technology

Whether you are a new technology connoisseur and always want the latest and greatest or you simply like the options that new technology gives you, Home Media Solutions works hard to provide you with the newest breakthroughs in audio, video, and home automation technology. Our team will help you understand as much as you want to know about the newest technology that is available and can help you integrate it into your current system or design a completely new system.

New TechnologyWhole Home Automation

One of the current focus areas for leading-edge technology is in whole home automation systems.  Using an iPad as the HUB, specialized programming can be done so that all of the electronic systems in your home can be manipulated from a single location.  Whether you turn on lights or music, arm a security alarm, or adjust the volume of your home theater system, a single control that is customized to your needs is possible.  Home Media Solutions has the knowledge and tools to set up your system to your unique specifications.

Audio and Video Systems

For years people have worked to bring better sound and video into their homes.  With the latest technological advances in digital audio and video systems, one can experience home theater in a way that could only be dreamed of a few short years ago.  Home Media Solutions has the selection you are looking for when you are ready to upgrade or augment your system.

New Technology

CCTV Security Systems

Without the need to hire a security team and a guard dog, CCTV technology has advanced to the point where cameras can be placed practically anywhere and video can be streamed, recorded, and played back both on-site and remotely.  Home security has risen to a whole new level and Home Media Solutions has all the information you are looking for in this area.

If you are ready to connect with the newest technologies in audio, video, and home automation and security, contact Home Media Solutions today and prepare to be amazed.