Home Theater

Home Theater

For many people, setting up a home theater system is an excellent investment that can really go a long way toward enjoying home entertainment to its fullest.  Home Media Solutions has the equipment and expertise necessary to get you set up in style.  Whether you are setting up a dedicated home theater or a multimedia, multi-use room, we can help you with every step of the project from the planning through the final installation and setup.

Things to Take Into Consideration When Planning a Home Theater:

  • Home TheaterScreen location
  • Screen size
  • Acoustics of the room
  • Soundproofing needs
  • Subwoofer placement
  • Electrical considerations and power supply
  • Component selection – number and type of components
  • Speaker placement
  • Proper ventilation
  • Remote control
  • Integration with video games
  • Professional installation and setup

Creating a Home Theater Experience

With a home theater system, the goal is to recreate the experience you have in a movie theater.  You may want to incorporate theater seating ore you may prefer a more flexible seating arrangement.  No matter what type of seating you select an important issue with seating is the line of sight.  As you work toward the perfect audio and video systems you can count on Home Media Solutions to have all the solutions you are looking for.

Home Theater

Choosing the Right Screen

Since the screen is one of the most important parts of your home theater system, it is very important not only to choose the correct size for your screen, but you also want to choose a manufacturer that offers adequate support.  Most people will want to determine how much time they plan to spend watching the screen over the next few years and compare the cost of other leisure activities to the cost of the screen.  It is important to view screens before you buy.  Watching something with lots of motion is the key to seeing how the screen handles the video.

Let Home Media Solutions help you with all of your home theater needs.